Our Instructor

My name is Tamás Fenyvesi and I was born in Balassagyarmat, Hungary, in 1976. I have lived in Szeged since 2004, where I work as a psychologist and also practice Aikido. I began practicing martial arts in 1994.

I began my Aikido training in 1999 in my home town under the direction of Mr. Tamás Vári. I hold the rank of Yondan, 4 th degree black belt, and I am well prepared to instruct Aikido. I wish to make Aikido more popular and to involve more and more people in knowing and practicing this martial art. To achieve this, I constantly take part in my own trainings, since I believe mere instructing while neglecting one’s own development is insufficient. For me, instructing Aikido means much more than teaching techniques: I hope to create a cohesive community, where everybody can find their place and have a good time.

Our organization officially belongs to MKDE (Association of Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos), which is presently the largest Aikido organization in Hungary.